Locations of Weber Arctic

Locations of Weber Arctic


Arctic Haven Wilderness Lodge

Situated on the shores of Ennadai Lake in the Barren Grounds treeline environment is Arctic Haven Wilderness Lodge. Guests fly-in 700 km from the nearest city, Yellowknife, NWT, to Nunavut’s only green-energy powered lodge. Constructed in 2002, Arctic Haven’s post and beam structure was designed to have as little impact on the awe-inspiring, but environmentally fragile area as possible, yet provide guests with a high standard for accommodation and comfort in the Arctic.

Where the wild meets the refined. Enjoy a distinctly Canadian epicurious experience with gourmet meals inspired by every province. Taste locally sourced Ennadai Lake trout sashimi, tundra blueberry compote, along with Baffin Bay turbot, Okanagan Valley wines, Alberta Organic Beef, French Canadian cheeses and more. Daily our talented chef prepares fresh breads, yogurts, ice creams and other treats to satisfy you at breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are 12 private guest rooms with ensuite bathrooms.

The 84 km long Ennadai Lake is part of the great annual migration route of the 250,000+ Qamanirjuaq caribou herd, and home to grizzly bears, black bears, tundra swans, eagles, wolves and wolverines. The lake itself holds trophy sized lake trout, northern pike, grayling and the perfect spot to take in the Northern Lights. Experience the beauty and wonder of the Arctic in remarkable comfort and hospitality at 60° north.

Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge - Northwest Passage

Located 800 km north of the Arctic Circle on the shores of the Northwest Passage in Cunningham Inlet, Somerset Island, Nunavut, is the most northerly fly-in lodge on earth - Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge. Years ago, travel to the high Arctic meant a tent on the tundra. The construction of the lodge in 1992 changed all that - and now both our locations set a high standard for guest accommodation and comfort in Nunavut. If you’re not out exploring the land or on the water, it’s all about great Canadian cuisine. Experience gourmet fare inspired by every province from locally sourced Arctic Char and Baffin Bay turbot to Alberta Organic Beef, French Canadian cheeses, and more. Our talented chef bakes breads, yogurts, ice creams and other delights daily to satisfy you at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Before or after a meal, relax, socialize or attend a lecture in the main lodge’s Great Room or explore the extensive Arctic Library and Interpretive Center housing local artifacts, maps, and 42 million year-old fossils.

There are 16 private guest cabins are each equipped with a marine toilet and sink. Private showers are located in the main complex. At night hot water bottles are provided to place under the thick duvets to add an extra level of comfort. A generator provides electricity to the cabins from early morning until 11:00 pm. There’s no electricity at night, not that you need it under the midnight sun. There are not permanent human residents on the 25,000 sq. km island, but it’s home to polar bears, muskox, arctic foxes and is a world-class beluga observations site (one of the late beluga nurseries on earth). Experience the beauty and wonder of the Arctic in remarkable comfort and hospitality at 74° North.

Basecamp Baffin Island: Heliskiing, Ski Touring and Cat Skiing

Nestled in the fiords of Baffin Island, on the eastern coastline of Baffin Bay, Basecamp Baffin is located at 70° degrees north. A comfortable basecamp that provides access to ski “from the doorstep” into the mountains of Baffin Island, we’re open to private groups at a maximum of 8 guests.

The fully equipped lodge offers hot-showers, comfortable rooms, post-ski massage, lounge, proper dining and more. At 70° North and right on the coast expect temperatures in April and May to range from -2° to -20°C with daily averages between -4°and -12°C. This is the world’s northernmost ski experience.

If you aren’t skiing or exploring the fiords of Baffin, it’s all about fantastic Canadian fare inspired by every province. Our private chef will create wonderful meals from locally sourced Arctic char to Alberta Organic Beef, French Canadian cheeses, Okanagan Valley wines, Ontario fruit and more. Enjoy bread, yogurts and sweet treats made daily.


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