Our Team

Three Generations of Polar Guides

An expedition team that has dedicated their careers to polar travel. From the first unsupported expedition to successfully reach and return from the North Pole to speed records and more, the team continues to redefine expedition travel. Some team members who have spent more than 650 days sleeping on Arctic sea ice - we know polar travel. 

Richard Weber started working in the field of arctic tourism and polar guiding with the world’s first commercial North Pole trek in 1993, and conducted hiking and kayaking trips on Baffin Island. Richard has a distinguished, unparalleled polar pedigree spanning decades, with a history of polar “firsts” and record-breaking accomplishments.

Richard is a renowned polar explorer, having completed more than 60 Arctic, North and South Pole expeditions, and more successful treks to the North Pole than anyone in history. He has achieved diverse polar “firsts”, including the first surface crossing of the Arctic Ocean from Russia to Canada, and in the North Pole; the first snowshoe trek; first guided unsupported trek; first commercial trek; and the only trek to the North Pole and back without resupplies.

Richard Weber has recently been appointed to the Order of Canada for his "pioneering work as an explorer, adventurer and advocate for Arctic research and preservation" by the Governor General of Canada. This honor recognizes Richard's 30 years of polar exploration, two arctic lodges (Arctic Watch & Arctic Haven Wilderness Lodges) and countless expeditions across all Polar Regions. 

Other Accomplishments

Member of the Order of Canada
Co-authored two books on his polar adventures – Polar Attack: From Canada to the North Pole, and Back – and – Polar Bridge, The Soviet Canadian Trans-Arctic Expedition
Completed his 7th journey to the North Pole, starting from land, 2010
Completed the Steger International Polar Expedition in 1986
Completed 1988 Polar Bridge Expedition
Completed 1993 North Pole Dash,  first commercial North Pole Expedition
Completed 1995 Weber-Malakhov Expedition; first and only unsupported trek to the North Pole and back
Completed North Pole classic 2006, unsupported
2009 Guinness World speed record to the South Pole; 2010 Guinness World speed record to the North Pole
Two Meritorious Service Medals 
Three medals from Russian and Soviet governments 
Member of Canada’s National Cross Country Ski Team for seven years
Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Vermont

Josée Auclair has a distinguished, polar pedigree and has pioneered and led multiple women’s polar treks and expeditions to both Poles. Josée has traveled extensively in the Arctic since 1988 and has assisted her husband Richard Weber on several of his expeditions. She has skied to the North Pole, to the South Pole and actively participated in preparing and outfitting seven major expeditions to the North Pole. Richard and Josée have over 20 years of experience and more than 45 arctic expeditions to their credit (13+ of them to the North Pole). She has sea kayaked and hiked on Baffin Island and has spent two summers with a nomadic Inuit family in an outpost camp on Baffin Island. 

Notable accomplishments:
- From 1999 to 2004, led and conducted annual treks covering the last degree to the North Pole
- Led Woman Quest; an all-woman trek to the North Pole in 2001
- Led an all-woman trek covering the last degree to the South Pole in 2007
- Competed for Canada on the National Cross Country Ski Team
- Earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Botany from the University of Vermont; a teaching certificate from the University of Quebec
- First arctic expedition in 1988 - the first crossing of the Penny Ice Cap on Baffin Island

Nansen Weber has grown up in the arctic, spending every summer exploring the Arctic. Nansen Weber is our lead and professional wildlife and Arctic photographer. Polar guide for more than a decade, Nansen's expertise ranges from logistic work with some of the top wildlife film production crews on earth, to technical expeditions such as alpine touring in the Arctic cordilliera range. When he’s not photographing or on expedition in the Arctic, Nansen devotes his time to photographic projects across the globe - most recently with National Geographic. Be sure to visit his wildlife photography website - www.NansenWeber.com

Tessum Weber, athlete and former ski racer, was born to be an adventurer.  In the Arctic from the age of six weeks, he is now regarded as one of the foremost Arctic guides and experienced Arctic travellers.  One of the world’s most eligible candidates for leading polar expeditions with international clients, his experience ranges from technical projects that include leading sea kayaking trips, ski expeditions and hiking/trekking trips to logistical projects such as working with film crews in remote regions. Tessum holds an undergraduate degree in commerce and devotes his time to working in the family business, Arctic Watch and sister lodge Arctic Haven while also guiding expeditions for Weber Arctic. In 2010, Tessum became the youngest person to ever trek to the North Pole. He accompanied his father RIchard, Howard Fairbank and David Pierce-Jones on the speed-record-setting trek to the North Pole. Together with his brother Nansen, they have gone on to pioneer polar firsts such as the world's northernmost helicopter skiing. 

Polar Guide and mountain specialist with Weber arctic. Drew Nylen grew up in the interior of british columbia, climbing and skiing in the rockies, selkirks and monashees. His passion for the mountains and wild places has brought him to the arctic where he has multiple first ascents and descents on Baffin Island of the great arctic mountain ranges. In the summer Drew works for Arctic Watch & Arctic Haven Wilderness Lodges in the Canadian arctic and barrenlands as a kayak guide and fly fishing guide. As a cyclist he has completed two crossings of the north american continent accumulating over 11,000km's of distance traveled by bicycle expedition and is a firm believer in human powered adventure. 

Polar guide and kayak specialist. Alex Deschenes Philion was born to be outdoors. In the outdoor industry from a very young age, Alex began exploring the wild regions on foot, bike and kayak. He's cycled across South America, guides in the high Arctic, Antarctic and shares a deep passion for the environment. A regular "polar" paddler, Alex guides paddling on the eastern Northwest Passage and central Arctic regions of Nunavut. An avid snowboarder and white-water kayaker in the shoulder seasons, Alex's hometown is Gatineau, Quebec.