20 July 2011
Previous Expeditions

Steger International Polar Expedition

In 1986, not many people have trekked to the North Pole. Those that had been successful had all requited massive airplane support with multiple re-supplies. An unsupported journey was still a dream. The objective of this expedition was to trek to the Pole with no re-supplies. Because the expedition relied on dogs, aircraft were necessary to evacuate live dogs as they ate up their food and were no longer necessary. Killing our dogs, like the early explorers was not an option in 1986.

The team was made up of leaders; Will Steger and Paul Schurke from Ely Minnesota, Ann bancroft and Bob Mantel also from Minnesota, Geoff Carrol from Alaska, Bob McKerrow from new Zealand, and Canadians Richard Weber and Brent Boddy (from Iqaluit).

The team left Ellesmere Island on March 6th and arrived at the Pole after 56 days on May 1. Extra dogs were evacuated twice enroute, along with injured team members Bob McKerrow and Bob Mantell.

The expedition was the cover story of the September Issue of National geographic Magazine. Paul and Will wrote the book “North to the Pole”.