1 February 2012
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South Pole Return 2011 - 2012

On Nov 22, 2011 Richard Weber, Michael Archer, Ruth Storm, Chris De Lapuente and Kathy Braegger flew to the edge of Antarctica at a location know as the "Messner Start" and started skiing to the South Pole (900km). Kathy Braegger had really bad luck when she developed an internal infection on the second day and had to be evacuated.  On day 26 Chris fell and injured his leg. He struggled on, limping badly for five more days when it became clear that the injury was getting worse and serious. He was evacuated after skiing about 600 km. After 38 days, Richard, Michael and Ruth reached the Pole. Richard and Michael spent two day re-arranging their equipment. Then, after waiting for some days for wind,  Michael and Richard kite-skiied back to the edge of the continent, 1130km, arriving on Jan 17, 2012. Most kiting days they covered about one degree of latitude. Their best day was 240km.