6 November 2011

South Pole Expedition Launched - Punta Arenas

I have just arrived in Punta Arenas, Chile with the first load of food and equipment. It was so stressful and scary going through customs with 50 kg of polar pate and 45 kg of deep-fried double smoked bacon. On the plane they kept announcing "Declare your fruits, nut, meat, grain and vet drugs" over and over. I was sure I was going to have everything confiscated ... so much effort to make and package everything! But all our food is vacuum sealed, labeled and cooked. No raw food, no beef. It took a bit of explaining but everything was released! My friend Ray Zahab from I2P set me up with his friend Cristian (now my friend). Cristian came to the airport and helped me get all my bags checked back-in with no second excess/overweight baggage charge. I would prefer to walk two days in an arctic blizzard than go through that again! Now I am back in our old digs on 177 Boliviana Street from South Pole Quest 2008-2009 - just missing a few friends!