11 October 2016
Skiing - 2016 Expeditions

Six Incredible Places to Ski this Winter - Bloomberg names Weber Arctic Heli-skiing

Bloomberg Pursuits recently featured Weber Arctic's Heli-skiing and polar bears in their recent article: Six Incredible Places to ski this Winter. The article highlights six places across the globe for the 2017 winter season, including Weber Arctic Expedition's upcoming April expedition April 19th - 26th, 2017

Set on the backdrop of Baffin Island's Arctic cordillera range, the eight-guest expedition will ski some of the largest peaks and deepest fjords in Arctic Canada. The intermediate level skiing offers skiing in a location where few have ever stepped foot (with the exception of the odd polar bear of curious Arctic fox!). 

Lead by the guiding team at Weber Arctic Expeditions - they've skiied, hiked, trekked through the area for more than twenty years. 

Read up on the upcoming expedition here: www.WeberArctic.com/Expeditions and see the Expedition Gallery.