7 December 2016

Polar Explorer Richard Weber Receives The Order Of Canada

Richard Weber recently received The Order of Canada from the Canadian Govenor General. Held at the Rideau Hall in Ottawa, Ontario, 42 recipients were chosen by the Canadian Government in distinguishment of their exploits. Richard was nominated for his pioneering acts of polar exploration and for his efforts to increase awareness of environmental threats to the North. Richard has spent more than 30 years in the polar regions! 

Richard (left) receives the Order of Canada Medal from Governor General David Johnston. 

The Order of Canada Medal recipients and Govenor General David Johnston. 

Richard's accomplishments include: 

In 1987, along with teammate Brent Boddy, became the first Canadian to reach the North Pole on foot.
In 1988, became the first person to reach the North Pole from both sides of the Arctic Ocean.
In 1989, became the first person to accurately stand at the Geographic North Pole (first GPS to register "90" north).
In 1992, with companion Dr. Mikhail (Misha) Malakhov, became the first attempt to reach the North Pole with no outside help.
In 1995, Richard and Misha's expedition became the first unsupported expedition to reach the North Pole and return to land. The achievement has not yet been repeated.
In 2006, with Conrad Dickinson, became the first to trek to the North Pole using snowshoes exclusively.
In 2009, he completed an on-foot trek from Hercules Inlet on the Ronne Ice Shelf to the South Pole in a record time of 33 days, 23 hours and 30 minutes.[1] He was accompanied by fellow Canadians Ray Zahab and Kevin Vallely.
In 2010, he organized and completed an on-foot trek from northern Canada to the North Pole with his son Tessum Weber, and two fellow adventurers, setting the fastest time to the North Pole (42 days, 18 hours 52 minutes for the 900 km trek).


1989 International Fairplay Award UNESCO for participation in the Polar Bridge Expedition
1989 Order of Friendship of Nations Government of the Soviet Union
1992 Confederation Medal Government of Canada, presented by then Speaker of the Canadian House of Commons, the Honourable John Allen Fraser P.C., Q.C.
1993 Russian Medal for Personal Courage Government of Russia following a declaration signed by President Boris Yeltsin
1994 Meritorious Service Medal Governor General of Canada
1996 Meritorious Service Medal Governor General of Canada. Richard is the only person to be twice awarded this medal.
1996 Order of Friendship of Nations Government of Russia
2015 Order of Canada Government of Canada[2]
2016 Ondaatje Medal Royal Canadian Geographical Society [3]