18 November 2011

Modern Expedition Communications

During our South Pole expedition we will be taking photos and writing blogs. The blogs we will compose on a Panasonic Tough Book mini computer. Then we will send an email via our Iridium telephone to our servers. We have set up our blogging software to automatically post the blogs. As well, the blogs are forwarded to our various Facebook pages. Kathy's blog is on www.Southpoleroundtrip.com and the Facebook page is South Pole Roundtrip 2011-12 Richard's blog is www.WeberArctic.com and the Facebook is Richard Weber Arctic. Chris's blog is http://www.south-pole.weebly.com/ The Expedition tracking map is at http://www.weberarctic.com/expedition-tracking/. This part is not updated automatically. Many thanks Tessum Weber for volunteering to update the map with our locations. The photo below shows our solar panel, the Iridium satellite telephone and the Tough Book computer. I would especially like to thank the team at BV02 for all their efforts and assistance in setting up all this blogging and mapping. The map especially has been a technical challenge. Richard [caption id="attachment_191" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA"][/caption]