2 June 2017
Arctic Heli skiing on baffin island - Skiing

Incredible Heli-Skiing Experiences on Baffin Island

Unnamed Peaks. First Descents. Traditional Culture. Experienced Guides. Gourmet Cuisine.

Can you imagine yourself there? 

Weber Arctic guide, Drew Nylen on a first descent in the Arctic Cordillera. Photo: Nansen Weber

An unforgettable experience is being created for you just outside of Clyde River on Baffin Island, Nunavut.  For the past two years the Weber Arctic team has been descending peaks and exploring the mountains near Clyde River to create a unique and exciting adventure for those wishing to push their limits and experience something new.  The region has previously never been skied and our guides are excited to share it with you.

This remote and mountainous region is home to polar bears, Arctic foxes and hares and this beautiful fauna can be spotted from the air or on land.  During this year’s scouting trip, guides Tessum Weber and Drew Nylen followed polar bear tracks to the very peak of a mountain where they then found signs of hares and foxes!  Though it seems like they might be there for view, they are likely climbing to such great vantage points for food sources uncovered by the wind.

The community of Clyde River has a population of 1000, and is situated in a sheltered cove surrounded by spectacular fjords leading to the Barnes Ice Cap.  The community proudly preserves, shares and teaches Inuit traditional knowledge (Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit) in one of the only ‘cultural schools’ (Piqqusilirivvik) in Nunavut. The hamlet and its' residents are also known for the quality of their whalebone and stone carvings.

Traditional drum performance on the sea ice in Clyde River. Photo: Nansen Weber

Guests will enjoy the comfortable and private accommodations in town and the same gourmet cuisine to be expected at Arctic Watch and Arctic Haven Wilderness Lodges run by the Weber family in Nunavut.

With Clyde River as our base, our experienced guides will take you out each day on descents customized to your skill level and preferences! Book your Arctic Heli-skiing Experience now or contact our office to speak to Tessum Weber about this incredible and once-in-a-lifetime adventure!

Fresh tracks and first descents await you on Baffin Island. Photo: Nansen Weber