20 July 2011
Previous Expeditions

Hot Air Balloon to North Pole

In 1989, a Global Concern Expedition was organized by Paul Lavelle from Great Britain. We flew by Twin Otter aircraft to a location about 20 nautical miles from the North Pole, and spent two days dragging our hot air balloon (70,000 square feet of nylon, propane tanks and more) to the exact Geographic Pole as verified by the first GPS. The goal of the expedition was to bring attention to Ozone depletion, with a message on the balloon stating “Save the Ozone, Use Ozone Free.” This was the first recorded flight of a hot air balloon in the North Pole.

The location of the North Pole was always a bit vague, having had no GPS to rely on. This was the first GPS to be used in the North Pole, allowing us to walk directly to the exact spot – one step away, and the device would not register 90 degrees. For the first time, I was literally standing on top of the world!