12 December 2011

Flying Along!

Richard's latest update: December 12th S 86 01 W 76 15 The halfway mark to the South Pole! 444km to go! The team is flying along! In 8.5 hours of skiing, the expedition covered 32km. The ice is extremely flat and smooth, with very few sastrugi. The weather is amazing; sunny, no wind, and a balmy -20C! Today, Michael pulled Ruth's sled for 40 minutes while Richard gave her ski lessons (she skied without poles). In Richard's words; "we want to ski more efficiently, not longer...". A true testament to everything he does on an expedition - as efficient and effective as possible. The team is chasing a norweigan team, who started several days before them! Richard reported tracks - they even found a knife accidentally dropped by the Norweigan team. The team is hoping to catch up and give the knife back - this goal is proving to be a source of entertainment for the team. Richard, Chris and Michael took a bath in the snow yesterday evening.