29 May 2017

Fat Biking the Northwest Passage

The first-ever, incredible traverse of the Northwest Passage by bike will happen this spring if weather and ice conditions are in our favour!  Weber Arctic and Arctic Watch guides will cover approximately 105 km of sea ice by fat bike this June.  The guides will navigate the still-frozen, yet shifting sea ice in the Northwest Passage between Resolute Bay and Cunningham Inlet, where Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge is located. This trek can be done in a couple of days as the region currently has 24 hr daylight.  The greatest challenges they will encounter are open leads in the ice and polar bears. The bears’ presence on the sea ice is greater now as they are filling up on seals before the summer temperatures and wind pushes the solid ice surface away.  The expedition will test the stamina, navigation and perseverance of the guides but will also be an epic, once-in-a-lifetime adventure!  

Read more about biking on the Northwest Passage from our Arctic Watch guest and journalist, Ashlea Halpern in her new article here.

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Weber Arctic and Arctic Watch guide, Drew Nylen, tries out our new bikes on the sea ice of the Northwest Passage.

Photo: Nansen Weber