Arctic Haven

February 12, 2019 | Nunavut


One set of dates - a precise timing to showcase some of the best Arctic Canada has to offer. Tessum Weber shares the inspiration and motivation behind Weber Arctic’s exclusive twelve-day Arctic adventure.

Ultimate Arctic Adventure led by the Weber Family

What makes Ultimate Arctic different from other trips you offer?

For thirty years our family has explored the Arctic. We know the landscape and have observed seasonal wildlife patterns over multiple decades. The Ultimate Arctic trip is a unique and intentionally designed adventure that aims to offer the absolute best of the Arctic. Coinciding with numerous wildlife patterns across the Arctic, Ultimate Arctic offers an opportunity to see an incredible diversity of landscapes and wildlife packed into twelve extraordinary days. Starting in the high Arctic, the first portion of the adventure is on the Northwest Passage at Arctic Watch. Adventurers then head south, to Arctic Haven, located on the Arctic tree-line.

Narwhal on the Northwest Passage near Arctic Watch
Narwhal on the Northwest Passage near Arctic Watch in August

What makes this trip special?

We are excited about this trip because it connects the movement of beluga whales and narwhal, the muskox rut (where males can be seen fighting for dominance) and the flux of wildlife activity associated with the fall caribou migration. Possible sightings of predators such as Arctic wolves, polar bears, Arctic foxes, and tundra grizzlies make this trip truly action-packed.

Barrenland grizzly bear
Tundra grizzly

What scenery and landscapes can guests expect to see?

Starting in the High Arctic at Arctic Watch, guests will have a great opportunity to observe the midnight sun as it begins to draw closer to the horizon. At this time of year, the sun casts golden light onto the landscape for many hours which provides great photography opportunities! Flying by private plane to Arctic Haven, guests can watch as the vast and barren landscape of the High Arctic transitions into lush tundra as we approach treeline. With some luck, evenings may be spent observing the northern lights as they paint graceful strokes of colour against the night sky.

Who is this trip perfect for?

The short summer season means that the Arctic environment changes rapidly. Vast and difficult to access, Arctic enthusiasts have returned over multiple years, in order to take it all in. This trip is perfect for anyone who has previously traveled to the Arctic and continues to daydream of it’s cavernous wilderness and also to those who are planning a once in a lifetime Arctic experience and want to get the most out of their trip.

In twelve abundant days, Ultimate Arctic gives you a truly complete Arctic experience. This adventure travels over nearly 3500 kilometers of Arctic landscapes in Nunavut and the Northwest Territories. For 2019, we will be limiting the adventure to 10 lucky guests, personally guided by the Weber family!

To discover more about the locations, two great video teasers from Arctic Watch and Arctic Haven can be seen below.

See the full adventure details here.

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