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The International Polar Guides Association recently designated Tessum Weber as a Master Polar Guide. A title held by only a select few, we are thrilled to see Tessum among these accomplished individuals.

Tessum on the Arctic ocean near the North Pole
Tessum on the Arctic ocean near the North Pole

Tessum Weber was recently honoured with his Master Polar Guide accreditation. At age twenty Tessum became the youngest person to reach the North Pole. The trip, which also happens to be the fastest trip to the North Pole, lasted 41 days and required extreme perseverance from the expedition members. Since then, Tessum helped launch the world’s northernmost heli ski operation on Baffin Island and continues to guide at Arctic Watch, Arctic Haven Wilderness Lodge and across Arctic Canada.

The International Polar Guide Association (IPGA) is the governing body that accredits and maintains a high standard of Polar Guides worldwide. Established in 2011, Richard Weber is among the founding members. The IPGA was developed to fill a need for a governing body specific to the polar-ice environments. It recognizes the unique niche of Arctic and Antarctic expeditions and the highly specialized skills required of a Polar Guide.

In order to be designated as a Master Polar Guide, one must meet the Terrestrial Polar Guide criteria in addition to having completed one continuous sea-ice expedition of at least twenty days or have completed three last-degree North Pole expeditions. There are only a handful of IPGA Polar Guides in the world and it is a true honour to be among these highly accomplished men and women. The IPGA is quickly becoming the industry standard for professional guides and we are thrilled to have the Weber Arctic team headed in that direction.