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Starting in 2019, guests at Arctic Haven will enjoy three days of helicopter supported adventure which allows us to venture further into the Arctic Barren Lands and experience more of what Arctic Haven has to offer.

New for the 2019 summer season, we are excited to announce that all autumn adventures to Arctic Haven will include three days of helicopter supported adventure. The heli, which will act as a shuttle to launch the day’s adventure, allows us to venture further into the Arctic Barren Lands and experience more of what Arctic Haven has to offer.

Caribou Seen On Heli Adventure

Over the years we have developed an extensive knowledge of Ennadai Lake and the surrounding region. From the lodge, we have incredible opportunities to observe the migration of the Qamanirjuaq caribou herd, visit ancient historic sites, see the northern lights and fish, hike and bike in the beautiful Arctic Barren Lands. Adding three days of helicopter supported adventure means accessing the best of Arctic Haven.

The Kazan river offers some of the best Arctic grayling fishing in Arctic Canada. Ancient caribou trails are etched in the tundra and create the perfect single track bike trails. Hiking the long sandy eskers yield stunning views as caribou forage against the deep reds and oranges of fall on the tundra.

Three days of helicopter supported activity allows us to access remote points from where we launch the day’s activity. Otherwise inaccessible, pristine cold and clear streams brim with eager Arctic grayling that are near record size. Expansive eskers that have previously sat just out of reach, are now accessible and extend our range and possibilities. Deep in the Canadian wilderness, the land flanking Arctic Haven is untouched and the helicopter allows us to explore these stunning and untrodden landscapes.

Of course, from the air, the opportunity to see wildlife is an added bonus as we shuttle between locations. Caribou dot the landscape and a discerning eye may even be able to spot a wolf darting along the horizon or a Barren Lands grizzly bear in the distance. Even over the course of a short fifteen-minute flight, we cover a great distance and the opportunity for wildlife sightseeing from the helicopter is a highlight in itself. Read more on the adventure here.