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DJI just released their promotional clip for the unveiling of their latest drone, the Mavic 2. Filmed around our heli-ski tenure on Baffin Island, the stunning mountainous terrain offered the perfect backdrop to promote the new optics of the drone. Weber Arctic is proud to have guided and worked with the DJI team this past spring.

DJI just unveiled the new Mavic 2, the successor to the popular Mavic and the latest in their foldable consumer drone lineup. With a powerful Hasselblad camera, the drone can shoot footage in 4K and offers incredible optics.

Their promotional video, which was released this morning, features footage from around our heli-ski tenure on Baffin Island. Filmed in late spring against the mountains of the Arctic Cordillera, the terrain offers the perfect backdrop to showcase the incredible optics and versatility of the new drone. The team was guided by Nansen Weber, who has been testing the Mavic 2 in the harsh Arctic climate leading up to the release. Other Arctic footage featured in the promotional video, including shots of muskoxen and perry caribou was captured near Arctic Watch, our lodge on Somerset Island.

Nansen Weber filming with DJI on Baffin Island
Nansen Weber filming with DJI on Baffin Island

We are honoured that DJI trusted us to safely guide their cinematographers into the Arctic and get the shots they needed for the release of the Mavic 2. We wish to congratulate them and look forward to continuing to work together in the future. Watch DJI’s video featuring the Mavic 2 here.