Arctic Haven

July 28, 2018 | Canadian Arctic


Beyond our lodges, Weber Arctic offers an array of private trips which can be customized to build your ideal Arctic adventure. Here are just a few of the custom trips we have been working on over the past year.

Vast and isolated, the Arctic sees just a handful of intrepid adventurers each summer. Drawn from all corners of the globe, some travel north to test their physical and mental limits, others to observe the unique wildlife and landscapes found only in the Arctic. But in the depths of winter, the Arctic falls silent. The sun sits below the horizon and a muted blue fills the air as it reflects off the snowbound setting. With the exception of the Inuit who have learned to prosper in the harsh cold, very few travel north.

This April, guides Nansen Weber and Drew Nylen led a 10-day winter photography adventure of muskoxen and their newborns on the snow. Rarely photographed in the winter, muskoxen can be seen in herds of up to seventy individuals as they exist on the thin balance of survival. As an award-winning National Geographic photographer, Nansen is not only accomplished as a photographer but is also a well-traveled polar guide, having spent the last two decades exploring the Arctic with his family. By request, we offer custom wildlife photography trips, which can be tailored to suit your needs.

Beyond our existing operations at Arctic Watch, Arctic Haven and Baffin Heliskiing, we also offer a wide variety of private trips which can be fully customized to build your ideal Arctic adventure. Ranging from high-end and custom experiences to expedition logistics, and wildlife photography trips, Weber Arctic has the experience and expertise to design for you the trip of a lifetime. A polar family, the Webers have been at the forefront of polar exploration for three generations and have led countless expeditions throughout the Arctic. We are proud to have some of the most experienced polar guides in the world and our knowledge of the Arctic is what sets us a step above.

This August, Richard Weber will guide a multi-day excursion by Twin Otter which will tour the Arctic stopping at historic sites in both northern Canada and Greenland. Flying between locations, the group intends to visit Fort Conger on Ellesmere Island, a mummified forest, the gravesite of Arctic explorer Charles Francis Hall, Ward Hunt Island, and Cape Columbia- the northernmost point of land in Canada. After several days camping under the midnight sun, the group will return to the comfort of Arctic Watch for the remainder of the two-week excursion.

High-end and experiential travel is what we do. For other custom adventures read about a recent outpost camp we built on request from the tundra up. Have an idea in mind? We are always more than happy to talk adventure!

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