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Watch the World Wildlife Fund’s short video that draws attention to the decline in barren-ground caribou populations. Filmed in-part by Nansen Weber at Arctic Haven Wilderness Lodge the film showcases the significance of these iconic mammals and the importance in protecting their habitat.

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) recently released a short video addressing the significance and importance of protecting barren-ground caribou habitat in the North. Caribou continue to play a vital role for people living in Canada’s Northern communities and a steep population decline in many herds is cause for concern.

While herds have fluctuated in size in the past due to environmental factors, the tundra is fragile and sensitive to disturbances. Filmed in-part by Nansen Weber, WWF’s short film showcases some of the threats to barren-ground caribou and the impact smaller and more fragmented herds may have on the landscape.

A Bull Caribou on the Tundra
A Bull Caribou During the Rut

Arctic Haven Wilderness Lodge is situated on the bi-annual migration route of the Qamanirjuaq caribou and many of the winter scenes were filmed by Nansen during the herd’s spring migration to their calving grounds. We are very fortunate to continue to have intimate and breathtaking encounters with these iconic northern mammals and applaud WWF for their efforts in conservation.

Watching the Spring Caribou Migration
Watching the Spring Migration

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