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Olivia Squire, travel writer at PURE LIFE Experiences, shares her experience at Arctic Haven this past August.

Olivia at Arctic Haven
Olivia at Arctic Haven

Olivia Squire visited us at Arctic Haven this past summer. Her recent piece in Pure Life Experiences is as honest as it gets. Based in the UK, she describes initial ideas of her trip to Canada’s North to evoke images of a harsh expanse of ice and cold. Quick to showcase otherwise, her week exploring the Arctic Barrenlands offers an account of the diversity of the Arctic. Her article gives a glimpse into the idiosyncrasies of the Arctic Barrenlands, such as the fragrance of the tundra or the human history of the region, in addition to sightings of caribous, muskoxen and northern lights.

Olivia opens with endearing humour showcasing her over-preparedness and entertains by offering a glimpse through the eyes of a self proclaimed ‘city dweller’. Up against Richard Weber, it is no doubt Olivia felt to be an unlikely polar explorer, but once bitten, the Arctic fever calls to us all.

For guests preparing for their trip to Arctic Haven this fall, Olivia’s article is a great read! ARTICLE HERE.

PURE Life Experiences is the premier event for adventure travel. In early September, PURE brings together hand-selected travel destinations from around the world for a week long tradeshow in Marrakech to celebrate high-end adventure travel. Weber Arctic is humbled to be apart of this community. We were thrilled to have had Olivia join us at Arctic Haven and have her share her experiences with the PURE community.