27 November 2011

Big Decisions

We received a "telephoned" update from the expedition yesterday night. The position was S 82 46.6 W 66 36.3 Temperature: -15C to -19C Skied 7 hours and covered 23km. The team is up to 308m above sea level. The South Pole is at 2800m above sea level. The team spent the previous 2 days camped. One of the team members (Kathy) has been very ill. Kathy has been evacuated to Punta Arenas, where she is receiving care from doctors; safe and sound. Richard said that it was a very sad moment to have Kathy depart the expedition! Tears were flowing! Kathy was a crucial member to the expedition - her always positive attitude, happiness, and sheer mental strength will be sorely missed! A BIG thank you to ALE for coordinating the medivac. The team continues to march onwards to the pole, everyone is doing well. iPods are coming in handy, as everyone is rocking out while they ski! Richard wants to thank 7Systems for their vitamin supplements! "They are crucial to the success of such an expedition!" We'll be sure to keep you posted as we receive more news from the expedition! Tessum