14 January 2012

Bad Weather & Recon Goggles…

Position: S 84 18 Distance to go: 477.8 km The kite skiing has been challenging over the last few days. Persistent snow storms and white out conditions have been forcing Richard and Michael to do "partial" days, due to the poor visibility. Yesterday, the two teammates travelled until the weather became too poor to continue. Richard said that hopping 3 foot sastrugies with a kite in whiteout conditions gets to be scary! This morning, the team awoke to a worse snow storm, and shifted wind conditions (this will slow them down..). Due to safety concerns, Richard and Michael are remaining in the tent until the weather gets better. Richard would like to thank Recon Goggles for their excellent product. The heads-up GPS navigation system built into the ski googles is proving to be invaluable! During stormy conditions, the goggles allow the user to properly navigate (when a compass will not, due to the lack in reference points...). That's all for now! Tessum