17 December 2011

As good as it gets.

Richard's telephoned update was upbeat today - several developments have happened the last few days. Current position December 17th: S 87:09.07 W 75:32.28 Today the team crossed the last of the crevasses! From here on out, there shouldn't be any more crevasses! Michael even went down the last crevasse to check it out! Chris de Lapuente broke his wrist and injured a knee falling on the hard ice yesterday, and the team has come up with a brilliant solution. Richard, who has been in contact with 4 doctors from Yellowknife, NWT, has been assured that Chris has no structural damage in his knee. To splint the broken wrist, the team used a paperback book strapped to the wrist. His knee remains swollen, however they are applying ice (no lack there...) during the evening whilst elevating it. Everyone seemed very upbeat and determined to get to the South Pole by Christmas! Pretty cool spot to celebrate Christmas! The weather remain very cold, -23C with 30km headwind. Remember that they are at nearly 8,500 feet of elevation. Bodily circulation at elevation is poor, causing temperatures to feel extremely cold! That's all for now. Tessum