10 January 2012

A Birthday in Antarctica

Today was a very special day in Antarctica. Michael had his birthday! To mark the special occasion, Richard cooked up a chicken noodle soup. Richard had all the tasty ingredients flown in on the resupply at the South Pole! Position: S 87 14 W 83 48 Temperature: -22C The team has come down 400 meters in elevation. As a result, Richard and Michael are finding it easier to eat and digest their 7500 calories per day. The terrain is proving to be very rough, making travelling with kites fun! Richard informed us that his sled was "airborne" regularly today! The sleds are holding up to a pretty serious beating - Richard and Michael are packing all the heavy and "non-breakable" equipement onto the sleds while the fragile equipement is staying in their backpacks. Roughly 6 days to go! Tessum