3 September 2016
2016 Expeditions

2016 Clyde River Ski Touring Expedition

In the spring of 2016, Guides Nansen Weber, Tessum Weber, and myself (Drew Nylen) set out to explore a mountainous area around the hamlet of clyde river. On a topographic map it looks promising as a ski touring trip with 1800m mountains coming directly out of the arctic ocean, it was a chance to really feel like you were somewhere untouched and to remove yourself from modern convenience and experience this beautiful land. Leaving Clyde river on ski-doo’s with qamutiiks (Inuit sleds) we made camp for 12 days on the sea ice in a Weber expedition tent that had seen it’s fair share of sea ice on multiple trips to the north pole.


With the goal of seeing as much new terrain as possible we made multiple first ascents and descents in several drainages and on multiple glaciers. The area was breathtaking in both its beauty and in the physical exertion it takes to ski tour 1800m and then ski back to the arctic ocean. We saw some amazing things while we were there, like fox tracks 1000m above sea level on a frozen glacial pond, seracs frozen in time leaning at unearthly angles trying to tumble down into the frozen ocean below, and  glaciers that had receeded hundreds of meters since the last topographic survey of the area. Everyday we chose a new direction and a new objective, the list was endless, every ridge is a view into a new adventure and another days effort to explore. The hard work was often rewarded with great skiing on esthetic lines and no need to hunt for fresh tracks.


The trip ended far to soon and left us with as many questions as it did answers. Terrain photos of far off mountains get the guiding team excited about returning this year to uncover more.