14 December 2011

100 Years Ago Today

Big celebrations are happening in Antarctica today. 100 years ago today, Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen reached the South Pole; becoming the first to do so. Amundsen ventured into the unknown. No human being had reached the pole at that point, it was effectively walking on the moon. Meticulous preparation, continual planning and perfect execution made his expedition a success, nothing was left to chance - "adventure is bad planning" as Amundsen called it. The Norweigan Prime Minister is at the South Pole today to celebrate Amundsen's achievement. Prior to the day's march, the team's day began with a celebratory tribute, over breakfast, of morning coffee to Amundsen and his expedition. The team is continuing the long climb up the Antarctic continent towards the South Pole. they are currently at 1900 meters elevation. The conditions have not been ideal. Serious white-outs and sheer ice have been slowing down their progress. Richard has increased the daily traveling time in order to reach the South Pole just before Christmas. Fatigue is becoming a factor for the adventurers. Stay tuned. Tessum