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Richard Weber first stepped on to the Arctic ocean in 1986. Since then, during his seven North Pole (and two South Pole expeditions) he has logged more time walking on the ice than anyone in history. His personal system of goal-seting and preparation that lead to the achievement of world firsts in polar exploration can be transfered to the corporate world. His expedition stories are unique, but perhaps what is more remarkable is his first hand view of climate change. Based on his personal observations, the Arctic Ocean is a completely different place today than it was twenty five years ago. Equally striking is the fact that during the ten summers he has been at Arctic Watch Lodge, the environment has also changed. While we hear in the media that the world’s climate is changing, it is hard to see it in our day to day lives. 

Richard is available to speak, supported with video and images his topics are listed below.

The Polar Trail: A Framework to Exceeding your Goals

 In his Keynote, Richard Weber does for corporate audiences what he does for his polar teams.  Richard draws on a lifetime of polar travel to help teams achieve their goals . In his humble, frank manner he shares the goal-setting techniques that made him one of the most successful polar explorers. . These techniques -- rigorously tested and proven -- set a path for the preparation, communication and teamwork that are essential to success. With anecdotes and images of  his polar travel, he connects with audiences as a real person, and leaves them with a framework for success that transcends adventure  -- one that can be applied to any challenging endeavor. 


Walking on Thin Ice

Twenty-five Years of Polar Travel

 For over 25 years, Richard has crisscrossed the top of the world.  He has met polar bears and been followed by arctic wolves.  He has experienced the best and the worst of the polar regions. He is the only person (with Russian companion) to cross the drifting ice of the Arctic Ocean to the North Pole and return with no re-supplies and no outside assistance. His family operates the most northern fly-in lodge in the world. His twenty-year old son accompanied him to the North Pole.  Richard has spent more than 600 days trekking on the Arctic Ocean, more than anyone in history. He has also witnessed first had the drastic climate change as it is affecting the top of the world.  His story will fascinate and captivate your audience. 



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