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At Weber Arctic our guides are passionate about the polar regions and passionate about showing these areas to people. The newly founded IPGA (International Polar Guides Association) has set guidelines for polar guides. Amongst the qualifications to be a polar guide you must have completed a full length trek to the North Pole.  There are only a few fully qualified guides in the world. Richard Weber is one of the founding members of the IPGA. The IPGA was founded to ensure that the people who wish to travel in the polar regions can have access to qualified guides.  And that these same people have some method to know that their guide is qualified.

At Weber Arctic we train our guides. Having completed a North Pole trek, Tessum Weber is well on his way to being a fully qualified IPGA guide.

The IPGA (International Polar Guides Association) is a non-profit body founded by active polar guides to facilitate the development and preservation of high quality professional guiding in polar ice environments

IPGA provides support to the polar guiding community and regulates the
quality of polar guiding by:
• assessing guides and awarding endorsements
• standardising work practices and regulations that govern the profession
• providing resources to up-skill both prospective and endorsed guides
• facilitation of the highest possible level of safety and satisfaction for clients
• providing public transparency of guide skills, capabilities and qualifications



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Arctic Watch is a Nunavut 5-star resort, located 500 miles north of the Arctic Circle. A world-class beluga whale observation site, Arctic Watch offers access to hiking, kayaking and more. You don’t have to be an experienced explorer to go on this Arctic adventure – Find out for yourself and book now for the trip of a lifetime.

Arctic Adventures

Set against the vast and incredibly beautiful Arctic tundra, your Arctic Watch adventure offers an unexpected range of activities. You can participate in as much or as little as you wish- It’s your adventure.

Whale Watching

The congregation of beluga whales at Cunningham Inlet is a unique natural phenomena. Nowhere in the world do so many whales, gather so consistently, every year, where they can be observed, so easily by humans. It is a unique whale watching experience!

The Experience of a Lifetime
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