Polar Tents

These tents are specifically designed for polar conditions. First developed in 1991, all tent models are double walled for warmth – The floor, walls and roof are separate for safety and convenience. The fabric on the walls and roof is made from breathable super lightweight nylon and the floor is coated in nylon.

The tents, weighing approximately one kilogram per person, are constructed so that cooking can be done inside. They also include a roof vent that can be closed during bad weather. They are available in two, four and six-man versions. The tents are constructed to work with skis, poles and other available equipment, which are used as a frame to reduce weight. The two-man version uses a ski pole in the centre to hold up the roof, while both the four and six-man versions use a ski in the centre. All tents require snow to be shoveled on the flaps around the outside.

The outer walls are made of Silcoat, a high-tenacity, 30 denier, 1.1 oz parachute rip-stop nylon impregnated with a 1/4 oz of silicone, to create the lightest rip-stop nylon available. Silcoat has an impressive strength-to-weight ratio and ability to shear wind. The silicone impregnation keeps the fabric waterproof to a pressure of one pound per sq inch (2 ft water pressure depth.) This exceeds the pressure generated by a hard rainstorm. Since silicone is impregnated through the fabric, Silcoat does not absorb water. The silicone impregnation will not wash or peel off and the material remains soft and pliable in sub-zero temperatures.


Floor Material: coated 30 denier parachute rip-stop nylon; this material is waterproof
Inner walls: highly breathable nylon
Weight: two-man tent 2 kg four-man tent 4 kg six-man tent 6 kg


“The tent was really great, an instrumental part of our experience out on the ice”
Tyler Fish – Catlin Ice Survey http://www.catlinarcticsurvey.com

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