Polar Clothing

Weber Wind Suit and Jacket

This ensemble of jacket and pants has been used on successful North Pole expeditions since 1995. It is the only true polar wind suit available.

The fabric is made of microfibre, which is highly wind-resistant, but still breathable in cold temperatures. The suit is lightweight and the cut is for polar travel. It features a loose fit with an excellent hood, ready to take a fur ruff with Velcro. It also offers big, easily accessible pockets and extra-long pit zippers for necessary ventilation.


The pants have full-length zippers for ventilation. The back can be dropped for toilet access without removing the pants.
The suit can be customized with expedition names, logos and colours.
Material: breathable, wind-resistant microfibre fabric

Wolverine Fur Ruff

Wolverine fur is the only natural fur that we recommend for a hood ruff. Wolverine is the best fur to cut the wind and it resists frosting. Ruffs are attached to the hood with Velcro so that they can be removed to go onto another jacket or to clean the jacket. A good ruff is not simply a strip of fur pelt. A ruff is made by sewing together sections of fur that are cut across the pelt, not lengthways. This makes the fur stand “up” so it can better cut the wind. A good ruff will last for many years. Our pelts are thick high quality from northern Canada. Wolverine is a not endangered and is sustainable. Ruffs measure 25 by 3.5 inches. The cost is $325.00

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