For decades, Richard has used Fischer skis exclusively on all polar expeditions. Fischer skis are perform wonderfully and are reliable when your life depends on your skis.

Ottawa High Performance Centre

The Ottawa High Performance Centre specializes in injury rehabilitation and strength conditioning. The OHPC is an important element in Richard’s training.


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GV Snowshoes

Our supplier of robust, durable and innovative snowshoes.

7 Systems

In 2008 - 09 we set a world record time for a trek to the South Pole. 7SYSTEMS sport supplements was an integral part of our diet. Richard Weber felt stronger and less fatigued than on previous expeditions. Richard feels that the 7 Systems was a major part of this improved performance. Richard strongly recommends 7 Systems for any endurance event!

Summit Air

Summit Air is our preferred arctic charter company. Summit Air supplies North Pole expeditions with parachute air-drops.


Richard supports the I2P youth program

Mshiri School Appeal

The Appeal

Chris de Lapuente will do more than just ski to the South Pole. A year ago, after successfully trekking up Kilimanjaro Chris had the good fortune to meet Bob Philips, a retired English school teacher, who is doing truly extraordinary things with village schools for poor children at the foot of Kilimanjaro. A large number of these children are HIV orphans who live with their grandparents, many of whom don’t have the money to send their grandchildren to school. When they get to school, the children even have to pay for their own desks! Since Bob arrived in Mshiri he’s been able to sponsor 350 primary pupils and 18 secondary pupils. Due to the desperate shortage of teachers, Bob is now teaching again (English and Maths) to classes of up to 125 very well behaved pupils! He also manages the funds raised for the schools, which go directly to the pupils and the schools. Bob takes nothing from the funds and lives off his pension leading a simple but fulfilling life in the village amongst the people he is trying so hard to help.

In this part of the World money goes a long way and Chris would like to continue helping to educate these children (£25 educates a primary school child for a year, £100 educates a secondary school child for a year).  Additionally the Secondary School is desperate for resources from something as simple as providing electricity (£750 for mains electricity for the school, £50 for electricity into a classroom) to building a kitchen and dining room (£15,000), which will provide a hot meal each day for the children. Chris has been told that the pupils dream of having their own library and science laboratory.  If Chris can raise his target all of this will be achievable.


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Arctic Watch is a Nunavut 5-star resort, located 500 miles north of the Arctic Circle. A world-class beluga whale observation site, Arctic Watch offers access to hiking, kayaking and more. You don’t have to be an experienced explorer to go on this Arctic adventure – Find out for yourself and book now for the trip of a lifetime.

Arctic Adventures

Set against the vast and incredibly beautiful Arctic tundra, your Arctic Watch adventure offers an unexpected range of activities. You can participate in as much or as little as you wish- It’s your adventure.

Whale Watching

The congregation of beluga whales at Cunningham Inlet is a unique natural phenomena. Nowhere in the world do so many whales, gather so consistently, every year, where they can be observed, so easily by humans. It is a unique whale watching experience!

The Experience of a Lifetime
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